I consider myself an experienced user of:
  • languages: c++, bash, LaTeX
  • VCSs: Git(Hub/Lab)
  • OSs: Ubuntu
I consider myself a competent user of:
  • languages: c, Python, html/css/js, TikZ
  • VCSs: Mercurial
  • OSs: anything unix/posix based, dated but working knowledge of windows

Google ai challenges

From 2010-2011 using the identity antimatroid I competed in, and contributed to designing and building an international artificial intelligence programming contest sponsored by Google, commonly known as the Google ai challenges. Each participant wrote a self-contained computer program, also known as a bot, to play a game against other people's bots. Once submissions were closed for each challenge, bots were matched against each other and ranked based on their performance.


  • I was a significant contributor to designing and building the Ants challenge, we ended up having 7897 people submit a bot;
  • I was the primary designer and author of the map generators for both the Planet Wars and Ants challenges (see for example, and;
  • I was the author of the c++ starter bot for the Ants challenge, used as a starting point for contestants intending to write their bot in c++;
  • I was one of the designers and one of the authors of the game specifications for the Ants challenge;


  • I'm the reigning Australian champion from the last two challenges, 1st out of 175 in the Ants challenge and 1st out of 122 in the Planet Wars challenge (Australian Ants leaderboard, Australian Planet Wars leaderboard);
  • I placed inside the top 1% globally in the last two challenges, 32nd out of 7897 in the Ants challenge and 36th out of 4617 in the Planet Wars challenge (global Ants leaderboard, global Planet Wars leaderboard);
  • I had the highest ranked version 1 bot in the Ants challenge (it is possible to sort the global leaderboard by version number, however there is no direct link).
  • You can still view some of my ants games here and some of my planet wars games here (including 5/5 wins against Accoun who finished 6 overall and who probably would have finished higher if not for me).


I developed a cross-platform open source website manager called Nift. More information can be found on the official Nift website.